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Nevada Women's Film Festival 2022 (In preparation for)

Extremely stoked to have two (2) projects which I've helped write music for, being shown at the Nevada Women's Film Festival this year! I'm currently wrapping up a collaboration score with local composer David Rosen for one of the Special Screening selections- "Move Me No Mountain" . This film marks the feature film debut of director Deborah Richards , whom I previously got a chance to work with on the short film "Send Hollywood My Love"- back in 2016. In addition to "Move Me No Mountain", I'm really happy to have gotten to write the music for the short film "Tender Moon"- marking the directorial debut of actress Mabel Maultsby , whom I previously got to work with on films 'Trivia Night' and 'A Drink and A Smile'. Can't wait to see both of these films screen later this month!


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