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Encompass, (v.)- surround and have or hold within. This year marked the third year I've had the wonderful opportunity to write music for Circus Couture's amazing charity event, and this year's extravaganza was especially noteworthy because of a new venue, as well as a totally new immersive experience. The theme for the show was 'Encompass'; the journey spanned a unique and multicultural perspective with its wide variety of acts. I've always been able to know this organization's flair for show business is top notch, and this year's presentation was no exception. From Wushu demonstrations in the general standing area, to stilt-walkers greeting the patrons; from Bollywood dancers performing intricate choreography, to acrobats defying the limits of human physicality, it truly was a show of epic proportions. My contribution was minute, in that I conceived some short musical transitions to segue between different acts; nothing compared to last year's work, but it was satisfying nonetheless. Circus Couture's mission has always been to rid the world of childhood cancer. They do this in partnership with the Cure 4 The Kids Foundation. It was an absolutely gratifying event, filled with altruism and people united in solidarity; I couldn't be more happy.

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