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Debut Production Music Album - Finally Released!

After years of doing single tracks for various music libraries, I finally reached out to a new music library and was proposed to do a ten track album. Being the first of this type of undertaking for myself, the initial prospect of doing a full album was both- extremely time consuming and daunting. However, I decided to sit down and give it a go. From the duration of January 2022 to March of 2022, I embarked on writing some ten tracks, in a 'corporate' and 'upbeat' style. I'm extremely pleased to announce that "Piano World Vol. 5" officially has been released by BART Music Library out of Poland, and the end product is definitely something I can be really proud of. While the title might allude to using 'just piano', the tracks are anything but just piano. I tried to keep the tracks aligned with continuity in both instrumentation, as well as emotional content. Additionally, I tried to exercise a bit more musical creativeness with dabbling in different harmonic choices, as well as fooling around with some alternating time signatures as well! Here's to some (hopefully) wonderful placements with these tracks; regardless- it was a wonderful learning experience, and it definitely helped augment my production skills! #composer #workfromhome #studiovibes

Piano World Vol. 5 can be listened to in its entirety- here.


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