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Sonic Bouquet officially released!

I'm so excited to announce that my collection of eight piano solos has been published officially with Piano Pronto today! This book has been a mammoth undertaking from the summer of 2016 until winter of 2019, and it truly has been a labor of love. Each one of these pieces was crafted with a specific flower in mind, and each piece also has various musical and technical concepts featured within. I've always had a love for film music even as a child; additionally, throughout my musical studies- I also gained an interest in classical and jazz music. This book is essentially all of that put together, but hopefully it also has my own distinct musical stylings throughout. My goal in writing this book has always been to maintain an integrity with writing lyrical melodies as well as throwing some curveballs here and there. Within, there's some nods to French Impressionistic music (Debussy is my favorite composer), bits of Minimalism and Atonal music, as well nods to jazz and film music.

Be sure to check it out in its entirety here today!

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