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The Wanderer Suite- Now Available on Digital and Physical!

It's been a huge journey getting to the finish line of getting "The Wanderer Suite" out in both physical (and now) digital release! As of 12/2/2021 - the album is now available on most streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music. To get a taste of what the album sounds like- a teaser trailer is also available.

Currently, 49 copies of the physical release are also available for purchase. Since the initial inception of this project from the Fall of 2015- to penning down the final notes of the 3rd movement back in Winter of 2020, "The Wanderer Suite has been a passion project of mine to really try to hone in on combining my love for hybrid orchestral trailer music, movie music, as well as my favorite soundtracks from video games and anime. Influences for this album couldn't be understated, but I definitely tip my hat towards composers and artists such as: Lorne Balfe, Blake Neely, Two Steps from Hell, Thomas Bergersen, and Noriyuki Asakura (the famed composer of the Rurouni Kenshin anime). In trying to keep with my classical music roots and training- the structure of the entire suite unfolds with a Fast, Slow, Fast structure- keeping the subdued drama in the 2nd movement. The first movement: "Through Distant Time" introduces the audience to the character of the wayfaring Wanderer: a former warrior who's long since stopped, in his attempts to find his way through vast lands and find his true purpose. Peril might be waiting along the way! "Remnants", the 2nd movement is a reflective flashback as seen through the eyes of The Wanderer as he reminisces back through his life's aspirations, experiences (both good and bad), as well as his relationships with others. It's a more tranquil movement which sets up what's to come. "Forgotten Future" was written in about a year's time span from Fall of 2019 to Winter of 2020. This act sets up the conclusion of The Wanderer's journey, where perhaps the biggest struggles lie ahead. Ghosts from his past, and possible frenetic encounters and battles are sure to be expected- and the only question is whether or not The Wanderer will have enough strength and willpower to withstand it all, and hopefully win. Suffice to say- hopefully the story arc all comes together, and I couldn't have asked for better cover art- created by Candy V Designs ! I hope you all sincerely enjoy "The Wanderer Suite", and I hope to make another album again some day! All my best, and all the love. T.


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