Mega Museum released!

Back in late May of this year, I had the wonderful good fortune of working with Merchant Games. The project was an adventure game, full of exploratory elements, as well as puzzle-solving elements. To me, it felt like a cross between Harvest Moon and the Memory Game. This was my first endeavor in writing chip-tune style music, and I was tasked with creating two loops for the project. In terms of direction, I was given music from Pokemon Gold as inspiration, and told to run with that type of sound. I had a great deal of fun writing for this, and the end result was a cross between retro chip-tune style synths (which I personally fooled around with to learn more about sound-shaping), as well as orchestral strings, percussion, bass. It's definitely not pure chip-tune for sure. That being said..... Mega Museum is now available on the Google Play Store to download!!! (I will be posting audio soon!)

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