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Picking Lilacs, an original piano composition

Thanks to Jennifer Eklund and her wonderful team at Piano Pronto , I am extremely happy to announce that my original composition "Picking Lilacs" has been graciously accepted and published! Back in early April, I sat down and started sketching the first few sections of this piece. Immediately, I began to see that when writing music geared specifically towards intermediate and early advanced students, it's important to understand what concepts are being demonstrated, as well as difficulty level not being overly complex. Interestingly enough, I never really set out to write any sort of educationally based piece at all, though I'm sure there's learning concepts within it. The end result, I feel is a composition which has lyrical yet accessible melody lines, as well as interesting harmonic support. Personally, there are two moments which are my favorite in this piece. I suppose it's a mix of contemporary piano, with hints of jazz tossed in. The mood of the work is gentle, carefree, and whimsical. All in all, I'm extremely happy with how everything turned, and how the piece developed from sketch, to paper score, to engraved score, and finally to being live! :)

Sketch of the piece in early stages

To view "Picking Lilacs", as well as hear it and view it, please visit the link listed below:

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